The 12 best TV shows about aliens

Best TV Series About Aliens & UFO & Space

This is a list of the best TV series about aliens, conspiracy theories, and supernatural events. Fantastic action movies with aliens acting as enemies, post-apocalyptic dramas showing a world where people learn to live alongside foreign guests, mystical detectives investigating mysterious murder and disappearance, and even television series, family sitcoms - that's what gathered here and what's worth watching. For a long time, people stared at the sky and wondered if they were alone in this endless cold space. I would like to hope that life is not just on Earth. This top series also inspires the hope that the little green men will come and arrange a technology exchange and fear government conspiracies by claiming aliens are already among us.


Kinopoisk rating: 7.1
IMDb rating: 6.8
Year: 2009-2011
Country: USA
Directors: Yves Simono ("4400"), David Barrett ("Star Trek: Discovery", "Under the Dome", "Arrow", "Supernatural"), Brian Spicer ("Castle", "Edge", "Heroes")
Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama

The series is about the "good" aliens who decide to conquer Earth with peace and love. They promise information and extraterrestrial technologies, including medicines and equipment that will help humanity recover from incurable diseases. In return, they only want minerals that are abundant on the planet. Strangers are insanely beautiful, they bring harmony and enlightenment that quickly win the hearts of the younger generation. Unwittingly, young people become enemy spies. Meanwhile, State Security Agent Erica Evans learns that aliens are actually reptiles that can enter human bodies and have lived here for a long time. The woman then joins the resistance movement to prevent the government and big corporations from being caught, and to protect her son.

Why is it worth seeing:

The show shows people how easy it really is to buy "a festive table with free sweets" and highlights the popular proverb once again - "free cheese in a mousetrap only"
This story is about the clash of two cultures, about a totalitarian society where personal freedom is not tolerated, about the role of government, religion and the media in shaping public opinion.
Morena Baccarin as Anna (queen of aliens) - perfect, callous and domineering

Fallen Sky

Movie Search Score: 6.9
IMDb Point: 7.2
Year: 2011-2015
Country: USA, Canada
Directors: Greg Beeman (Smallville, Heroes, City of the Supernatural, Indiana), Olatunde Osunsanmi (Star Trek: Exploration "," Colony "," Gotham "), Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Genre: fantasy, action, drama, adventure

The plot of the series focuses on the 2nd Resistance Regiment - the few who survived the invasion of the alien race. 7 months ago, earthlings were technically not ready to fight, so aliens quickly dealt with most of the population and now they are looking for the rest. Someone is hiding in caves and forests, hoping to live the rest of the days in a wolf's lair, while someone, like the main characters, is actively fighting against invaders from space and trying to invent a weapon of equal strength to an alien. The backbone of the second regiment is not military, but ordinary people: auto mechanics, locksmiths, teachers, doctors and even children. Once they took up arms and promised not to let them go until their last breath. But given the dynamics of the conspiracy, this sigh will come very soon for many members of the brave team.

Why is it worth a look?

For the sake of a good post-apocalyptic atmosphere, with clashes and chases arising against their collapsed cities and their backgrounds, it looks pretty impressive by serial standards (of course, Spielberg produced this project)
to find out why aliens take children alive


Movie Search Score: 6.7
IMDb Score: 7.0
Year: 2013-2015
Country: USA
Director: Michael Nanjing (The Flash, The Last Ship), Allen Crocker (Grimm, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica "), Andy Wolf (" The Sopranos "," Gossip Girl ")
Genre: fantasy, action, drama

The series takes place in the distant post-apocalyptic future, where the main purpose of all living things on earth is to survive. The main character Joshua Nolan and his adopted alien daughter Nayiri go to the crashed spaceship to steal their valuables from there. But in time they have no time, they encounter hostile creatures from space and miraculously escape thanks to the inhabitants of the town of Call. They have no choice but to rest "under the shadow of these peaceful walls" first and then stay there forever. By the way, the city seems far from simple: 7 alien races and 3 human races coexist after 10 years of Pale War that destroyed humans and aliens all over planet Earth. Children of quarreling families (Tarr mafia aliens and people who own the McCawley mines) find themselves in love, made by a detachment of Volgi (nomadic alien robbers)

"Blue Book" Project

Movie Search Score: 7.4
IMDb Point: 7.6
Year: 2019-2020
Country: USA, Canada
Directors: Norma Bailey (Ann, Murdoch Investigation), Pete Travis (The Jury, Fearless), Thomas Carter ("New Amsterdam", "Resident", "Bosch")
Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama, detective

The series is based on real events and eyewitness accounts. Dr. Joseph Allen Hynek, the hero, a professor of astrophysics and one of the founders of ufology, begins his research activities in the field of anomalous phenomena, particularly UFOs, at the invitation of the US Air Force in the late 40s - early 50s. Its task is to determine whether unidentified flying objects are astronomical. Although the authorities dictate their terms and do not tolerate talking about guests from outer space, the doctor himself and the Air Force Captain Michael Quinn who helped him are full of legends and soon sees something that cannot be explained otherwise from the use of alien technologies. They start their own investigation, which slowly leads them to a government conspiracy.

Why is it worth a look?

Not only because of the perfectly transferred atmosphere of the 80s, which concerns rare cars, starched shirts and other material qualities, but also because of the nuclear arms race, the Soviet phobia, the clan war of the American elite for power, the search for spies, and the dependence of people on the deception of events
Since the series is supposedly historical, those interested in ufology will probably be interested in hearing new facts about Roswell and "Area 51".
The series not only focuses on the detective story, it also develops secondary lines, for example a tough friendship between an ambitious military man and a scientist who puts the truth above all else, with many tests of strength.

End of childhood

Movie Search Score: 6.8
IMDb: 6.9
Year: 2015
Country: USA
Director: Nick Harran (Altered Carbon, Travelers, Doctor Who)
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama

The miniseries is based on Arthur Clarke's novel of the same name. It speaks of a peaceful apocalypse organized by superintelligence - powerful aliens that sent spaceships to Earth in 2016, saved humanity from wars, incurable diseases, and proclaimed a "golden age" of peace, prosperity and happiness. As an intermediary, the aliens choose not a ruler, but an ordinary American farmer (best known for his role as Barbie in the TV series Under the Dome, played by Mike Vogel) who will embark on a challenging journey to understand why he was chosen and what his true goals are. its "bosses". Meanwhile, dissatisfaction with the new power from space is leavening in society. For the humanitarian purposes of aliens, smart people are seeing more and more horrible things. And for good reason.

Why is it worth a look?

It is a thoughtful, sharp social science fiction with a religious tone that seeks answers to questions about the meaning of life and presents a person not as the top of the food chain but as pure prey for the strongest.
for stunning alien costumes and high quality computer graphics

Third planet from the sun

Cinema Search Rating: 7.7
IMDb: 7.7
Year: 1996-2001
Country: USA
Director: Terry Hughes (Friends, The 70s Show), Robert Berlinger (Grey's Anatomy, Two and a Half Men "), James Burroughs (" Two Broke Girls "," The Big Bang Theory "," Will and Grace ")
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Family

A sitcom about a group of aliens flying from distant space to "the least important planet" (ie Earth) to study it. And they never thought of anything better than acting like an ordinary American family and trying to live by worldly laws. The head of the expedition, an eccentric scientist with a God complex named Dick, becomes the physics teacher at the university and the "father" of the family. Sally's security guard receives an alluring female body and constant male attention throughout the series. The eldest of Tommy's company is given the body of a teenager and the responsibilities of going to high school with him. Harry's ambassador transforms into a middle-aged man with no proper training - this forces him to interrupt occasional part-time jobs. The foreign family is gradually getting used to new bodies, hormones and sensations. learns the joys (falling in love) and sorrows (diseases) of human life. And soon their personal life becomes so fun that the Earth exploration project disappears into the background.

Why is it worth a look?

For the sake of a great cast: For example, John Lithgow plays Dick ("Garp According to The World," "The Language of Sensitivity", "Crown", "Dexter", "Love Is Strange"), while young Tommy is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Snowden). , Life is Beautiful, 10 Reasons I Hate, Walk)
This is a very positive series, it reveals the full spectrum of human emotions and relationships, which boosts morale and also.


Kinopoisk rating: 7.3
IMDb rating: 7.0
Year: 2010-2011
Country: USA
Director: Jeffrey Rayner (Fargo, Homeland), Norberto Barba (Preacher, Better Call Saul, Force Majors "), Milan Cheilov (" The Hundred "," Agents of SHIELD "," Lie to Me "," Dexter ")
Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama, crime

The series is about Sean Walker, a talented programmer who goes on a perilous journey to find his missing wife. The situation is complicated that no one remembers her, as if the girl had never existed. As a result of his investigation, the hero discovers a government conspiracy: the president and his accomplices who are unable to tell the world about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and aliens that were devastated and imprisoned during the Second World War. The situation becomes more delicate when some of the guests from outer space escape and now either take revenge from humanity or save the remaining prisoners or colonize planet Earth or both, and this is possible without bread. Sean is a pawn in the wrong hands

Why is it worth a look?

The series is very exciting and interesting, with lots of mysteries, returning characters in the "Lost" style, and fragmented narration that is characteristic of the "24 hours".
for the dynamism of the plot with high-intensity events during one minute of screen time

Foreign city

Kinopoisk Score: 8.0
IMDb Point: 7.5
Year: 1999-2002
Country: USA
Director: Patrick R. Norris (I Am a Zombie, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries), Paul Shapiro (Continuum, "Heroes", "Supernatural"), Jonathan Frakes ("Star Trek: Picard", "Orville", " The Gifted "," Star Trek: Discovery ")
Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Drama, Detective

This story is about the first young love between an alien and a human. It all starts with a daring student and part-time waitress, where Liz in the parents' "Crushdown" cage is caught in a gunfight and mortally wounded. Then Max decides to help the deceased girl, reveals her essence to a man for the first time and heals her wounds with the help of her healing alien power. So Liz learns that Max, her sister Isabelle, and her friend Michael are aliens from another planet that dropped their own spaceship on Earth 60 years ago. From that moment on, the series follows two lines of development - romantic and mystical. The main characters, Max and Liz, face the rejection of the parents of their relationship, they fight and fiercely compromise over trivial things, fight for their feelings, Arrange cute surprises for each other and walk on the path of growth together. The mystical component appears in the supernatural abilities of aliens, their attempts to come into contact with their home planet, learning their origins and destinations.

Why is it worth a look?

for a great soundtrack, namely Daido's title song "Here with me" and other musical themes by Sherrill Crow and Sarah McLachlan
The series, thankfully, was not extended to the soap point, but only filmed 3 high seasons, with balanced dramatic and detective lines and a closed ending.


Kinopoisk Score: 7.0
IMDb: 7.3
Year: 2005-2006
Country: USA
Director: John Showalter (The Flash, The Hundred, The Mentalist, House Doctor, Supernatural), Norberto Barba (Preacher, Better Call Saul, Force Majeure), Bill Eagles (The Wizards, Gotham, Pennyworth)
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, Drama

The series tells the story of a strange alien invasion that started on a ship (moreover, not driving through space, but calmly cutting sea waves). First the crew sees something supernatural underwater, then hears an unusual noise, then cockroaches and mice start dancing on the deck, drawing scary symbols with their position in space, which ultimately convinces the crew of the group madness. Half of the crew disappears without a trace, some die, and the survivors gain invincibility and supernatural abilities. Government Dr. Molly forms a team of biologist Nigel, technician Lucas, special agent Sean and linguist Arthur. The main characters must understand what happened to understand why the sailors saw the "glass forest" and bestowed paranormal powers on them.

Why is it worth a look?

Because it is an unusual idea to show the alien invasion without showing it to themselves, it only takes the consequences of their actions.
For an unforgettable end of the series that makes a strong impression and gives space to imagination


Kinopoisk Score: 7.9
IMDb Point: 7.4
Years: 1986-1990
Country: USA
Director: Nick Havinga (Remington Steel), Bert Brinkerhoff (Beverly Hills 90210), Gary Simokawa (Klava, Come On! ”)
Genre: fantasy, comedy, family

Melmak - Gentle, extremely lovable, cool TV series about a restless plush alien from planet Alpha. It all starts when an alien accidentally lands on Earth and crashes his spaceship into the American Tanner family's garage. And although not everyone would agree to host a cheerful guest at first, the army was home to more.


Kinopoisk rating: 7.5
IMDb rating: 7.9
Year: 2002
Country: USA
Director: Breck Eisner (Sahara, The Invisible Man), Felix Henriquez Alcala (Manifesto, How to Pre Punishment for Murder, "Stargate Universe"), John Fawset
Genre: fantasy, drama

The miniseries captures the history of three families in four generations while telling popular stories and legends about UFOs and other anomalous phenomena. The plot begins in 1945, when a group of pilots from the United States Air Force noticed luminous objects, then lost consciousness and woke up in a clearing. Eight out of 10 people are dying in two years, and when the surviving commander Russell Kiss came to see 9 dying, he remembers experimenting with all of the German costumed aliens. At the same time, a UFO designed for 5 passengers was found near the city of Roswell. Four are dead, one is injured and another alien is missing. Taking the form of a comic hero, Clark takes refuge in farmer Clark's widow. All this starts an amazing chain of events in three families,

Why is it worth a look?

The action of the series unfolds from the 40s to the new millennium, going through all eras and showing each in detail (cars, clothes, hairstyles, music, household items)
Although the show is about the paranormal and the emphasis seems like it should be on fiction, it eventually turns out to be talking about basic human values ​​like family, home, love and friendship, and how different people show it. their essence and qualities of their souls when faced with things they cannot explain
for the charming Dakota Fanning (also known for her role as Rachel in "World War II")

Hidden materials

Movie Search Score: 8.2
IMDb Score: 8.6
Year: 1993-2018
Country: Canada, USA
Director: Kim Manners ("Supernatural", "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "There"), Rob Bowman ("Castle", "Power of Fire", "Rookie"), David Nutter ("Game of Thrones", "Shameless "," Homeland "," Rational "," Sopranos ")
Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama, detective

Completing its 25-year journey in 2018, the series follows FBI special agents investigating paranormal activity. Fox Mulder is a weird, a loser, and the same weird guy that all his colleagues avoid. He is the head and sole employee of the X Files department. His office is a closet in the basement. Its task is to investigate strange issues that do not receive a rational explanation. Agent Dana Scully is assigned to her (so she finds conciliatory evidence about herself and is eventually fired in an explosion) - a skeptical woman who would rather believe lab tests than her own eyes. But gradually, two agents of completely different views gathered in attempts to prove their case in the presence / absence of aliens and evidence for / against conspiracy theories.

Why is it worth a look?

due to the wonderful music of Mark Snow, which creates a mysterious atmosphere
because this is a cult detective series with excellent filming quality and exciting chemistry between the main characters (which best embodies the theme of government conspiracies, green men, and 90s people's adherence to conspiracy theories)

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