Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy As, we care about and respect your privacy, and we take great care to ensure this during your stay on our website.

Data collection

As with almost all Web sites, I use Google Analytics to check the statistics of my website on
For this reason, we are aware of the time you spend on our website, the device you log in, the pages you are on our site.


Google adsense ads that publish Ads from other Companies on our website may be published in the future.
These ads are based on your browser history. Ads may contain Cookie information and these Cookies may be collected by the Advertiser Company.
We have no knowledge on this subject. may work with Google Adsense in the future.
I strongly recommend that you read Google's Privacy Policy for the necessary information.


The website with a text file placed on your device's storage,
Cookies can be used for convenience to the user.
In addition, Cookies of Advertising Data may be used through the Ads on our website
If you don't want to, you can block these cookies in Browser settings.

Internal Links

I share the links of the publications I think you might like in our website
I am responsible for all links within the site.

External Links gives links to different sites. I am not responsible for the links I give off-site.
The linking process mentioned here is referred to as "Citing" Legally.


To contact, send an email to or visit the Contact page.

Our website is published by blogger, a service of Google. Blogger's privacy policy principles apply exactly on our website.
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